2011 Summer Gala:
  Took place on Friday 15 at the Lake Merritt Dance Center.
LBNL Wellness Fair: June 9, 2011.  The Lab's Employees Activities Assocation put on its annual Wellness Fair.  The Dance Club was pleased to perform a couple of demonstration dances.  Salsa was performed by Zuzanna Liliental-Weber and Tom McVeigh, Heather Madison and Michael Botello, Neli Lopez and Tim Roberts, and Adel Serafino, Marissa Smithwick and Jeff Philliber.  East Coast Swing was performed by the same couples, with the addition of Florence Mou and Tom McVeigh (Adel and Marissa also did a mid-dance switch with Mike and Jeff).  The final performance was a spotlight American Waltz dance between Florence and Tom.  Enjoy the videos on these links:
Also at the Wellness Fair, Dance Club's own Adel Serafino perfomed a Hula dance number to the song "Lovely Hula Hands," accompanied by the LBNL Ukulele Club.  Enjoy that video here: 
 Rebecca's Farewell Potluck:  March 28, 2011.  Thanks to all who attended.  A video link to Rebecca's farewell dance is here ( ).  Here is a sampling of photos: